Leadership Training

On 19 January we ran the first of what I hope will be many workshops to develop leadership skills. This workshop is designed for team leaders, supervisors, line managers and others who the employer believes have potential for leadership roles.  It was a one-day workshop with 10 participants.

Before designing the workshop, I had a long talk with the employer about what they hoped to achieve from the training and this enabled me to design the course to focus on key areas of importance for the employer.

Normally, HB Training asks participants to complete a feedback form at the end of the workshop but in this case I asked our wonderful Maddy to send the forms a few days later.  This gave the participants time to think in more depth about how they will apply the learning in the workplace.  Also, because it was the first time I had run this workshop it was effectively a pilot, so I wanted feedback on how the course could be improved.I’ve now received feedback from all the participants and it was all very positive.

This is not accredited training leading to a qualification.  It was developed by selecting key areas of learning from resources I developed for 9 accredited units of competency related to leadership at Diploma and Certificate IV level.  The advantage to the employer is an immediate return on investment in terms of improved performance at the line management level.

As we know, this “middle management” level is often a barrier to productivity and performance.  Senior management has a vision and strategic direction that is often not fully understood or implemented down the line.  It’s not surprising that line managers have difficulties because they are frequently promoted from an operational role.  They know the operational requirements inside-out and back-to-front, but leading a team is a whole different skill and requires different knowledge.

Naturally, one day’s training alone is not enough. It needs to be followed up.  Fortunately HB Recruitment & Training has a strong relationship with this employer which I can build upon – probably with an action learning approach (Revans’ Action Learning) in the workplace.

Sandy Welton
Consultant Trainer
HB Training

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