Audit Result

Audit Date:  21st and 22nd November 2013 (Qualifications audited)

Qualification CodeQualification Name
ICA20105 Certificate I in Information Technology
ICA20111 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
BSB30407/BSB30412 Certificate III in Business Administration
BSB30107/BSB30110 Certificiate III in Business
BSB20107/BSB20112 Certificate II in Business
SIR30207 Certificate III in Retail


Audit OutcomeRectification
Was non-compliance identified? If ‘Yes’, non-compliance type Summary of non-compliance CActions taken to rectify the non-compliance Has the non-compliance been rectified?
Yes/No Minor, Significant, Critical Yes/No
Yes Minor HB Training’s Induction process and use of Department’s ERA document. Complete overall of Induction process and updating of Training Plans. An Employer Resource assessment has always been carried out at HB, but not always recorded on the Department’s ERA form. This non-compliance was actually picked up 12 months prior to the Audit via an Internal Audit and is now part of the Induction process. Yes


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