Testing Centre

Skill Testing

All administration candidates are assessed using MS Word, MS Excel, Typing and Data Entry. This can be completed at our office or online. We also have access to online testing for: MYOB, Customer Service, Call Centre, Specialist IT packages and many more which are available upon request.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric-testing Research shows the more you invest in the selection of your people by making sure they have the right knowledge‚ skills and attitude‚ the fewer resources your business will need to make up for costly errors.

Psychometric Testing is an accurate way of assessing an individual’s aptitudes, personality, work styles, motivation and values. HB Recruitment has an unequalled track record in consulting to organisations on the assessment and development of talent and can recommend the most appropriate tools available within today’s market.

Our psychometric assessment solutions are tailored to your needs and are targeted, outcome focused and commercially grounded. The tools we use are of the highest quality and are validated and tested across a range of different role types and all industries.

HR Consulting

HB’s Psychometric Testing Solutions help you to:

  • Alleviate potential risk within your selection and recruitment process
  • Identify employees who will be a good ‘fit’ for your company, culture and the role
  • Recognise critical strengths and highlight development needs within your talent pool
  • Discover potential within your talent pool for succession management
  • Reduce employee turnover
To find out more about HB’s Testing solutions, please contact us.

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