How to Resign with Class

You’ve just landed that dream job and now it is time to resign from your current position. Resigning from a job can be very stressful for all involved, and it is important, particularly in a small city like Toowoomba, to do so with dignity. After all, you never know when you will come across your former supervisor or colleagues again, or need a reference from them!

It is good practice to write a formal resignation letter and hand deliver it to your direct supervisor in a scheduled meeting. Some things you might like to include in your resignation letter are:

1. State your intention to resign
2. If appropriate, outline your reason for resignation (i.e. you have received an offer for a role with opportunities for career development). Keep it positive.
3. State your intended last date of work, ensuring that you are fulfilling any required notice periods. Check your award, employment contract, enterprise agreement or other registered agreement for more information in relation to notice periods.
4. Thank your employer for any opportunities that they have given you in your time working with them.

Set the letter out like a formal business letter, make a copy and sign it. Ask your direct supervisor for a meeting and hand them the resignation letter and tell them of your intention to resign.

Once you have formally resigned there are some things you might like to do to make the transition from your old workplace more pleasant:

  • You may wish to offer to complete any projects and hand over any work for which you have had ownership. This shows a professional attitude.
  • Document any processes you follow that haven’t previously been documented, or any handover notes that will be useful once you have left. This will leave a positive impression with anyone who has to pick up the work after you have left.
  • After you have informed your supervisor of your intention to leave, and they have had a chance to notify the relevant contacts, let your colleagues know that you are leaving.

Above all, remember to keep it positive. Resignations don’t have to be a negative experience, and you should always try to leave a positive lasting impression when you leave.



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