4 Reasons Your Business Should Use An Agency For Permanent Recruitment

As every business owner knows, recruitment is a time-consuming process.

Positions must be defined, and ads must be written and published. A mountain of resumes and cover letters must be sorted and rated, then re-sorted and re-rated.

Promising candidates must be contacted for interviews, then interviewed, considered, and contacted again to inform them of the success of their application. Then, and only then, can you hire the right person, train them, and return to business as usual.

Recruitment is a lot of work – and it takes the key people in your business away from their work. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you ever considered the benefits of using a recruitment agency to recruit permanent staff for your business? Here are four reasons you should.


Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of recruiting in-house is the time it takes up. The recruitment process takes you and others away from working in your business, distracting you from your regular tasks as you seek to fill your vacant position. Time is money, and recruiting in-house costs you both.

By choosing to outsource the recruitment of permanent staff to a trusted and proven agency such as HB Recruitment in Toowoomba, your business will save time and money. You and your people will be able to concentrate on what you do best – working in your business, while the agency does what they do best – recruitment. Every key step in the process will be taken care of.


Advertising a job position can be a costly hassle. When you outsource recruitment, this will also be taken care of. And because your recruitment agency will be well-practiced at advertising positions, this step will be done much more quickly than if you took care of it yourself. They may also have a pool of candidates ready and waiting for the job you are advertising, so you can find a qualified candidate sooner.

At HB Group Toowoomba, most of our permanent roles are advertised on our website, and on SEEK. We have years of experience writing job ads that get noticed, and post those ads in the right places in order to attract the right people to your doors.


One of the most time-consuming aspects of recruitment is screening applicants, and checking their references.

By outsourcing the recruitment of your permanent staff, you can avoid dealing with this step in the recruitment process at all. Any applicants presented to you will have already been screened and reference-checked by professionals who know what to look for, and who will deal with the process quickly and efficiently.

As an added bonus, if you choose to recruit with HB Recruitment for a position paying more than $45,000/year, you will also receive a free psychometric assessment for your candidate of choice. This assessment measures 15 major personality traits, and allows you to get a better idea of how your prospective staff member will work in their interpersonal relationships, in teams, under leadership or as a leader, and what their thinking and coping styles are.


When you’re hiring for a permanent position at your business, you want to be sure you’ve found the right person. This means you want to be extremely thorough in your interviewing process. But if you have to interview scores of candidates, the time it will take (and the time it takes you away from the business) will quickly add up.

By investing in outsourced recruitment, you can ensure that this step takes up minimal time on your side. Most agencies will pre-interview candidates before passing them on. If you choose to use HB Recruitment, only the top four candidates will be presented to you for interviews. That way you can personally deal with the most important step in the recruitment process yourself, without having to worry that it will take you away from your job for a moment more than is necessary.


Would you like to save time and money by investing in outsourced recruitment? HB Recruitment is a local Toowoomba agency that has been managing recruitment for business in Toowoomba and surrounds for nearly 25 years. Call us today on (07) 4639 4410 to discuss listing your next permanent position.



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