Help When Your Business Needs it Most: The Benefits of Hiring a Temp

Are you aware of the benefits of hiring temp staff? Temporary or “temp” staff provide help when your business needs it most. You can hire temps to cover staff shortages and workload fluctuations and provide extra help during busy seasons. And if you hire them through a recruitment agency, they’ll come to you fully trained and ready to go.


Hiring a temp is a convenient way to cover a staff shortage. This especially applies when it comes to filling positions that have come up at late notice – such as when your receptionist calls in sick at five to nine, or your accountant breaks their leg.


But temps don’t just cover sick staff. They also cover staff who are on holiday, take long service leave, or go on maternity leave. By hiring a temp, you can cover these positions without having to worry about taking on a new, permanent staff member. Hiring temporary employees is also a great way to fill the gaps after redundancies.


Many businesses experience a peak “season” for work each year. Retailers become increasingly busy in the lead-up to Christmas, while accounting firms are swamped every July. Temp hiring allows you to fill additional positions during busy times of the year in order to ensure your business can meet the demands being placed upon it. It also allows you to respond to variations in staffing requirements on a week-to-week or even day-to-day basis – something you can’t really do with your own casual staff.


Using temp staff rather than regular staff for workload, seasonal, and staff fluctuations makes sense for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because you are only hiring temp staff on a temporary basis, you don’t need to worry about the hassle and obligations involved in offering a permanent position at your business, or granting them the usual perks permanent employees enjoy, such as sick and annual leave.

And due to the temporary nature of their employment, you can keep temps for as little or as long as you need them. Unlike casual, part-time or full-time employees, you aren’t obliged to keep them around once the job is done.


Before you go out searching for your own temp staff, it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring temps through a recruitment agency. When you hire temp staff through a recruitment agency, they’ll almost always be:

Qualified – Temporary staff engaged through a recruitment agency like HB come pre-trained, meaning they’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Pre-screened and interviewed – At HB, we take care of the hassle of interviewing and screening candidates. For most roles, we already have a pool of interviewed, qualified candidates ready to call upon to fill positions for you.
Placed quickly – We’re able to place temps in a role within 2 hours of receiving a job order.
Able to fill any role/job – We never knock back a position, and will always find a candidate for any industry. We most commonly fill administration roles and finance officers, but also accountants, real estate sales people, lawyers, truck drivers, labourers, and more. Just ask us.


At HB Group Toowoomba, we often have up to 80 admin temps out every week, and have been a preferred supplier for admin and professional staff to the Queensland Government since 1995.

If you would like us to help you enjoy the benefits and advantages of hiring a temp, then call us today on (07) 4639 4410.



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