Transitioning Your People – Supporting Redundant Staff With Outplacement Services

Sometimes, staff need to be let go from your company.

Whether you’re downsizing in response to an economic downturn, or restructuring to improve efficiency, saying goodbye to some of your people is a part of life in today’s business world.

Thankfully, however, there are ways to support your departing employees as they transition out of your business, and into their next career.


Outplacement services are specialist services you can engage to ensure your redundant staff are looked after, supported, and assisted throughout the process of leaving your company, and searching for their next job.

Your departing staff receive counselling, training, and professional assistance with finding new positions.

By using outplacement services, you are recognising and honouring the contribution your former employees made to your company. You will lessen the stressof being made redundant, and help your employees move forward by ensuring they have the support they need. Outplacement also helps to maintain your business’s professional and caring image, which can be threatened when redundancies are made.


Right now, one major sector being forced to let people go is the oil and gas industry. Companies in this sector should consider using outplacement services as they make redundancies in response to current economic conditions.

However, it’s not just oil and gas companies who need outplacement services.Any business or company who are making staff redundant should consider outplacement for the benefits it brings both to the employees you are letting go, and to your business’s reputation.


HB Group in Toowoomba have over 20 years’ experience providing outsourcing services for redundant staff in the public sector, and for multinationals, regional businesses, and SMEs.

Prior to Campbell Newman’s public job cuts, we secured the government tender to provide counselling to departing staff, and assist them in finding their next position. Since that time, we have also worked with many oil and gas companies and businesses in other industries to provide this same support for their departing staff.


As part of our outsourcing services, we assist your departing staff with a number of career tools, skills, and training, including:

  • Career Development Plans
  • Resume Consultations
  • Cover Letter Applications
  • Job Search and Interview Skills
  • Computer Training

Our valuable career counselling workshops cover a range other areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Starting a Small Business
  • Managing Change and Career Transitions


Are you making redundancies in your business? Do you want to ensure that your departing staff are supported and looked after during this transition?

HB Group can help. Call us today on (07) 4639 4410 to discuss how your staff can be best supported at this time.



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