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What do you love about the HB Group?

I love that no two days are the same. One phone call can change the course of the entire the day!

What is your greatest source of enjoyment at the HB Group?

Finding the perfect match is my greatest source of enjoyment. Knowing that both the client and the candidate are going to be very happy is where I get my job satisfaction.

Where do you feel you add value to candidates who are looking for work?

I add the most value to candidates by providing honest feedback and not pretending that I can offer something that I can’t. Being authentic reflects the core value of HB.

Where do you feel you add value to clients who are seeking recruitment and/or HR support?

Clients can be sure that we screen candidates properly. We take time to actually meet and get to know them before recommending them.

We only shortlist candidates who I would employ at HB, so clients can be assured that they receive only high-quality submissions from us. Finally, I add value to clients by following up to make sure that both they and the candidate are happy.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your career?

Pick your battles.

If you asked a client to describe you, what would they say?

Honest, genuine and maybe that I talk too much!

What is the most unusual assignment you have ever been asked to fill?

I can’t think of the most unusual assignment, however, I have had to contact some interesting celebrities for references such as Kamahl and several politicians.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?

When I first started in the recruitment industry and was studying to become a Certified Recruiter, I was told that anyone who can last 2 years in recruitment is doing really well as it is a high turnover, stressful job. Next year, I will have been in Recruitment for 20 years, so I have achieved the impossible 10 times over!

Is there a client, candidate or project that stands out?

I love all my clients and candidates, but I especially like those who say “thank you” and appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that we do.

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